Kinsley Cosmetics by Kinsley Rose

Kinsley Cosmetics by Kinsley Rose is a unique beauty brands in the cosmetic industry. Having launched just a year ago, Kinsley Cosmetics started getting noticed in North American markets. What makes us unique is that most of our products the ingredients are plant based.

Kinsley has since gone on to expand the collection into a full range of products including anti-aging/wrinkles cream, whitening cream, eyelash enhancer, 4d Silk Fiber Eyelash mascara, Fat belly -burning cream and eye-bag removal cream. Kinsley is expanding its collection into a full range of colour cosmetics including lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, blushes and concealers.

Recently, we are launching our new product the Ultrasound Cavitation EMS Body Slimming Massager Weight Loss Anti Cellulite Fat Burner Galvanic Infrared Ultrasonic Wave Therapy.

We worked hard to create a line of products that we feels captures the Kinsley Rose aesthetic. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our latest announcements and releases. You don't want to miss it!